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Dear affiliates & streamers!

While we can all agree that healthy competition has numerous benefits, we thought that this special ‘online event’ by PlayAttack should be focusing on something different.

Therefore, ahead of this New Year (and the sometimes unrealistic resolutions that come with it), our affiliate program will be rewarding those of you who manage to show PROGRESS, as compared to your OWN results during the previous month of November. 

There will be no leaderboards showcasing or ranking your results against the ones of your competitors. All you have to do is show us (and yourself) that YOU can do better in December than you did in November!

What’s in it for you?

PlayAttack will be rewarding your progress with a special cash prize on top of your January payout.

This special contest is our way to show you our appreciation for all your hard work and dedication. Therefore, the bigger your progress, the bigger your cash prize. 

Please read the Terms & Conditions below to familiarize yourself with everything you need to know about the ‘FOCUS ON PROGRESS’ Christmas promo.

There is never enough, don’t you agree with us? Let’s get it started, and good luck to everyone!


  1. The special ‘Focus on Progress’ Christmas promotion is running from Wednesday, December 1, 2021, until Friday, December 31, 2021, at 23:59 UTC.
  2. Only affiliates who have an account with PlayAttack are eligible to participate.
  3. Should you not have an account with PlayAttack Affiliates, you can still register via PlayAttack and enter the competition at any point before its completion. In such cases, any FTDs brought by you from the date you join the affiliate program and get your affiliate account approved until the completion of the promotion will automatically allow you to qualify for the cash prize, as part of our efforts to award newly-registered affiliates.
  4. You can participate in the promotion regardless of the payment plan you work on — RevShare, CPA, or Hybrid.
  5. Affiliates and streamers do not have to opt-in or perform any other action to become eligible for the contest. The only thing you have to do is bring more FTDs during the month of December as compared to the FTDs brought by your account during the month of November.
  6. All the casino brands represented by the PlayAttack affiliate program — SlotV Casino, Frank Casino, and Mr. Bit Casino — and each available jurisdiction shall participate in the ‘Focus on Progress’ special Christmas promotion.
  7. FTDs brought from all the GEOs available on the casino brands represented by PlayAttack count towards the fulfillment of the eligibility criteria.
  8. The results of the contest are being updated on a daily basis. The customized table with your results displays your daily performance in the form of FTDs brought to any of the online casinos represented by PlayAttack during the months of November and December, based on which your cash prize amount will be determined. Therefore, the results of December 1st will be compared to your November 1st results, the December 15th results with the November 15th results, and so on. Moreover, your personalized table will display the overall number of FTDs brought by you within the months of November and December to calculate your overall progression.
  9. Affiliates and streamers can monitor their results by visiting the relevant page in their affiliate area. Naturally, the November results that are displayed are static and will not change throughout the duration of the promotion, while the December results are being updated on a daily basis based on the number of FTDs brought by you at any given date.
  10. The amount to be paid to you will be determined by your overall monthly progress. More specifically:
    You will receive €100 for a progression between 10 FTDs and 20 FTDs
    You will receive €250 for a progression between 21 FTDs and 50 FTDs
    You will receive €500 for a progression between 51 FTDs and 100 FTDs
    You will receive €1000 for a progression between 101 FTDs and 250 FTDs
    You will receive €2500 for a progression between 251 FTDs and 500 FTDs
    You will receive €5000 for a progression from 501 FTDs
  11. Should your affiliate account be eligible to receive the cash prize (given that the overall number of FTDs brought by you in December is bigger than the number of FTDs brought by you during the month of November), the amount will be credited to your account alongside January’s payouts that will place mid-January.
  12. Please note that this special promo does not interfere with your regular payouts that are based on your special agreement with PlayAttack and depend on the number of qualifying FTDs that you bring on a monthly basis. This promotion is simply an additional reward for those of you who manage to show better results during the month of December.
  13. PlayAttack reserves the right to annul the FTDs of an affiliate, should we suspect that the affiliate is not acting in accordance with our General Terms & Conditions.


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